In 2020, Apple would start using its own Mac processors

Currently, Apple manufactures its processors for the iPhone, but for Mac, it’s built by Intel. But it seems that the American company is looking to change this because they want to start making their processors and using them on Macs from 2020. So they want to get a high performance like their phones.

In 2020, Apple would start using its own Mac processors

Apple would start using its own Mac processors in 2020

The American company would stop using Intel processors on its computers with this decision. A necessary change that could mean an extraordinary change of direction for the company. While Intel would lose a significant customer.

Apple will use its processors on Macs

Ian King and Mark Gurman were responsible for revealing this news. These two filtering tools usually provide a lot of information about Apple and are entirely accurate. That is why this information can be taken seriously. In fact, after this news was revealed, Intel’s shares plummeted on the American stock market.

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The project by the company seems to be still at an early stage. But the aim is clear: they want to be independent of other companies. So this way they would produce all the Mac components themselves.

And also, by doing this, they may have more control over how they interact between software and hardware, as well as designing something designed to make the most of their computers. This project has just started, so I am sure we will hear much more about it in the coming months. But there is a significant change coming for the company.