Apple’s new processor, 12-core ARM will arrive in 2021

According to a new source, Apple will introduce its new ARM processor in 2021 as part of its next generation of MAC devices.

Apple has been looking forward to presenting its first processor separately from Intel-based processors for some time, and 2021 is the year chosen for this.

Apple introduces its ARM processor in 2021

Since 2005 Apple began a working relationship with Intel following the idea of introducing updated hardware and Apple’s policies. However, the union has been in a tailspin as Tim Cook’s company recently announced that its processors are now manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

According to the source, this new processor, called A14, is part of Apple’s Kalamata initiative and will be launched with a size of 5 nanometers (nm) and significant improvements in speed and performance.

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A chip with more than 10 cores

This new processor will be launched with 80% more transistors than its predecessor, Apple’s 7nm A13 chip, and will also be equipped with 12 cores designed for different performance requirements.

The company will allocate 8 cores – codenamed Fire Storm – for performance-intensive tasks, while the remaining 4 cores will focus on energy conservation.

Cores, codenamed Icestorm, will be assigned to lower power tasks. Cupertino’s company also points out that this processor will include graphics processing units designed by Apple, and that this new 5 nm processor will be equipped with the macOS operating system.

Finally, Apple mentions that this will be one of three new models that the company expects to introduce in several of its new products in the near future.