Zen 3: AMD Ryzen 4000 desktop to be introduced at COMPUTEX 2020

It seems that Ryzen Zen 3 will arrive in September this year according to foreign sources. Inside, the details.

After the initial success of Ryzen 4000 for laptops, everyone is wondering what will happen to Zen 3. Perhaps we already know the release date of the next AMD desktop chips. But we have to watch how the coronavirus develops over the course of the year. For now, foreign sources claim to know this.

Zen 3: AMD Ryzen 4000 desktop to be introduced at COMPUTEX 2020

AMD Ryzen Zen 3 for the desktop will be released in September 2020

This is guaranteed by the DigiTimes portal, which is based on its sources from the motherboard industry. These processors land on the AM4 socket in two complex Zen 3-based dies, combined with an I/O controller. It is expected that the 4th generation of Ryzen will be manufactured in a 7nm process by TSMC, either N7P or N7+.

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In this medium, it is claimed that the change in Zen 3 design will be accompanied by the elimination of the CCX core layout of the CPU, with each chip containing a common block of cache sharing cores. These changes would result in a higher clock frequency, which would justify this generation change.

Not only the Desktop Ryzen Zen 3 is released, but also the AMD 600 series chipset. This will be backward compatible and, as our TechPowerUp colleagues report, also forward compatible. This is a bit creaky because we believe Zen 4 will have a new socket, as we saw last year.

Finally, AMD “Vermeer”, “Zen3” or “the 4th generation Ryzen” will be presented at the Computex event in September. Originally it was supposed to take place in June but was postponed to this other date due to the coronavirus.