XPG SX8200, new M.2 SSD PCIe with 3,200 MB/s read speed

XPG, the sub-brand of the manufacturer ADATA specialized in the gamer market, has just presented its new model of SSD type M.2 by PCIe XPG SX8200. Also, that is equipped with impressive speeds for both reading and writing. And that the manufacturer wants to focus mainly on the gamer market, with multiple capacities that can satisfy all the pockets of users.

XPG SX8200, new M.2 SSD PCIe with 3,200 MB/s read speed

XPG SX8200, new M.2 SSD PCIe with 3,200 MB/s read speed

Gradually, the market for M.2 storage units is opening up to more and more participants. In fact, this SSD format has many advantages over the usual 2.5″ composition regarding the size of its drives. Thanks to it, we can have mini computers that can occupy the minimum necessary space. Since the units that use the M.2 format are connected directly to the motherboard, so they do not require extra space.

Another advantage of the M.2 connection is that it allows us to access the equipment’s PCIe bus. That increases data access speeds in a more than significant way. That is important for work operations that require quick access to the data being used, or for users that need minimal loading time for their games.

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The M.2 by PCIe XPG SX8200 will be sold in three different capacities
The new XPG PCIe M.2 SSD uses the second generation of 64-layer 3D NAND Flash memory and will be available in three various sizes: 240, 480 and 960 GB. Although the main attractions of this new XPG unit are the sequential read and write speeds, it is capable of achieving.

XPG SX8200 Specifications

These, referred to sequential reading, reach up to 3,200 MB/s. While if we talk about sequential writing, they reach up to 1700 MB/s. These figures are very respectable and much higher than the usual 550 MB/s. That drives using the traditional SATA 3 bus usually achieve.

Also, the random read and write speeds are excellent. That is reaching 310K IOPS in reading and 280K IOPS in writing. So, that will provide very reduced load times in games and the response of the computer in heavy workload situations.

As for the warranty, XPG offers a 5-year warranty for these storage units. So, apart from stating that the XPG SX8200 has an average time between failures of 2 million hours.

The manufacturer has not provided data on the price of these units and when they will be released.