Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is already dated: This is all we know

After countless rumors and numerous filtered features, the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 now has a release date. Only one year after the introduction of the previous generation, the new Xiaomi smart bracelet will be announced in June.

Xiaomi has confirmed this through its social networks and added the advertising poster that we can see below. As you can see, it refers to the new Xiaomi Mi Band and June 11th as the official presentation date, when we will know all of its new features.

This is undoubtedly an eagerly awaited news that in a few week’s time will bring us the new generation of the most famous intelligent bracelet in the world. A new Xiaomi Mi Band, which a priori will not change much in terms of design, but in terms of functionality.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is already dated: This is all we know

What we know about the Xiaomi Mi Band 5: Features and Price

If we take into account the latest leaks made by XDA developers, the new Band 5 will retain a very similar design to the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. Its screen will increase in size, but the frames will still be quite respectable.

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The Mi Band 5 will increase in screen size, but retain the same design, here are the proofs
Band 5 against Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

Beyond the design, the internal features and functionality of the new Mi Band 5 will also shine. Unlike the previous generation, the new Xiaomi Wristband will feature Alexa as a speech assistant and certain functions such as measuring the oxygen saturation of the blood.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is already dated: This is all we know

In short, one change was mainly focused on the number of features and functionalities that will make the Band 5 one of the most complete bracelets on the market and at the same time one of the most economical. It is expected not to exceed 34.99 euros per item.