Xbox One X, smaller; More powerful

Mexico City, October 26, 2017.- Smaller than its predecessors, but more potent in audio and video. With an impressive streaming, and a Mixer that will lead you to share your games in video games with only two seconds delay. That is the start of the new Microsoft Xbox One X.

The company created by Bill Gates and Paul Allen wants to advance in the world of games with 4K-HDR resolution and has succeeded. The new console features the powerful Scorpio graphics chip as well as the 2.3-GHz 8-core processor, making it the most powerful console yet, 40 percent more than the PS4 Pro, the company says.

It comes equipped with 1 TB of storage and will be on sale from November 7 in Mexico at a price of 11 thousand 999 pesos.

Xbox One X, smaller; More powerful

Xbox One X, smaller; More powerful

Yesterday morning we were able to test the console, its processing power with the Ubisoft game, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and it was not our duty. With its Dolby Atmos audio, the sound is divided into 360 degrees so as not to miss even the smallest details. In 4K themes, you can see all the aspects of the game, such as dust flying in the air, and also a minor detail on the ground and sky, of this open world game.

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But in Forza Motorsport 7, the quality of the graphics is impressive when the sun glues on the dashboard and steering wheel of the selected car. And the minimum detail on the asphalt the rearview mirror as if you were driving.

With Cup Head, we tested Mixer, Microsoft’s new platform tool to broadcast live our games on Xbox One X, with only a delay of two seconds, with the added possibility of later retrieving the recordings that saves from our profile.

Also, there is a more direct interaction with the people who watch the streaming, because little by little tools will come. Such as small buttons on the screen, so that in case of playing a horror game, those who follow the sport can add screams to scare the gamer.

Also, you can make joint games and stream them live streaming, thanks to Mixer.

Many games will come to 4K that are already for sale or have previously come with time, like Gears of Wars 4, which we could try remastering, where it improves the audio and video.

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Microsoft Xbox Project Scorpio Detailed Specifications

The controls, which unfortunately are still not rechargeable (although there is an option to buy a rechargeable battery pack), are more comfortable.

The platform is more intuitive for users, and in addition to video games, the entertainment theme with applications such as Spotify and Netflix will further exploit the new audio and video qualities of this console.