Windows 10 will have its own anti-trap system for games

It seems that Microsoft decided to extend the functions in Windows 10. After introducing Game Mode not long ago, the company now has its sights set on an anti-trap platform.

Microsoft will introduce this system in the next Fall Creators update. Also, this Anti-Cheating system includes two new technologies called TruePlay and this Monitor system. As for TruePlay, it shares similarities with Valve and its Anti-Cheating. According to Microsoft, it will provide a “new set of tools” designed to combat cheating within PC games. The trick is that the API will only work with UWP compliant games.

Windows 10 will have its own anti-trap system for games

What is the anti-trap system?


Moving on to this Monitoring, this system allows Windows 10 to share system information with games. Apparently, this is useful for revealing various tools that cheaters use, such as aimbots. As long as it fulfills its mission, such a system could become mandatory for some multiplayer games.

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To ensure that the actual PID of a game is never exposed to other processes, TruePlay runs in an isolated space environment.

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If the process detects something suspicious, share the data with the developer.

Now some users may not praise Microsoft for adding another monitoring system. However, it looks like this Monitor system that can shut down entirely, which is a plus.