Windows 10 v1803 and KB4284835, Microsoft confirms new bug

Microsoft announces that its cumulative update KB4284835 for Windows 10 April 2018 Update alias Windows v1803 is causing a new failure. It touches the Edge browser.

Windows 10 v1803 and KB4284835, Microsoft confirms new bug

Upon its release, KB4284835 was announced with a single known and uncorrected problem. An error is possible when accessing files or running programs from a shared folder using this protocol.

Turns out that’s not the only problem anymore. The giant has updated its official page dedicated to this update.

Windows 10 v1803 and KB4284835, a new problem

New information indicates that the Microsoft Edge browser may be affected by a problem following the installation of KB4284835.

More precisely, the giant explains that the application is likely to crash when initializing the download of a font from a malformed URL (not RFC compatible). For the moment there is no workaround. It was specified that the teams are working on a patch. The good news is that it will be proposed as soon as it is validated and not as part of the next Patch Tuesday.

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Officially, KB4284835 has only two known problems. However, several reports revealed that problems may also occur during installation. Since its deployment, cases have multiplied. A certain number of users are victims of an infinite loop. Despite a successful installation, a demand for installation continues to surface. In other rare cases, a PC crash is mentioned.

The infinite loop bug is not new. This symptom is known because it has been encountered multiple times with previous cumulative updates. Will Microsoft work on the issue?