WhatsApp allows you to cancel the deletion of a message

WhatsApp has long let us delete messages in chats, something possible within a specific time frame. The messaging application now introduces the possibility of undoing the deletion of a message. If we have made a mistake or changed our minds, we will have a few seconds to do this.

WhatsApp will let you undo the deletion of messages

This is an option similar to what we have in other apps when we are given a few seconds to undo a certain action, such as canceling the sending. In this case, we will have five seconds in total to do so.

WhatsApp allows you to cancel the deletion of a message

Undo deleting a message

WhatsApp lets us do this when we have deleted a message just for us. That is to say if we have used the option “delete for me” in one of our chats. When we have deleted a message in this way, the app will allow us to cancel the deletion. We will be given five seconds to do so, through a button that you will be able to see at the bottom of the screen.

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In that bar at the bottom, you can see the Undo option. We will only have to click on it to undo the deletion of the message in question in the application. This way the message will continue to be displayed for us in the chat in the messaging app.

This new feature is already starting to roll out to WhatsApp users. If you regret deleting a message or have deleted the wrong message, this new option will let you repair the situation. You will only have to update the popular messaging application when its new version is available for you. So now you will have this button with which you can undo this deletion.