Vero A new alternative to Instagram, See how it works

Vero A new alternative to Instagram, See how it works

There are two kinds of users of mobile apps: those who always expect their favorite apps to improve by offering new things and those who want never to change them; that the developers do not finish with what motivated them to use those apps.

Vero A new alternative to Instagram, See how it works

In the case of the ‘Instagrammers,’ some of those old users do not accept the continuous changes that have invaded that social network since it belongs to Facebook. That is why many people have searched for alternatives. One of them has arrived at the right time and is called Vero.

Vero – True Social, is another photographic app that little by little is gaining more and more users. What draws the attention of this new social network, in addition to its resemblance to Instagram, is that it gives back to people the chronological order of the publications they both yearn for and also privacy.

How does it work?

This app for Android that is in beta and has qualities that make it an alternative to Instagram, but also has some ‘cons’ that we will even mention, such as the installation file that weighs a considerable 70 MB.

When you start Vero, we will find a page with publishing options:

– Camera: to upload a photo using the device’s camera or import an image from the gallery.

– Movie / TV: to recommend a film or TV series that we can search for the same app and share your cover image or movie poster.

This section has buttons that allow “Recommend” or “Do not recommend” productions, as well as “Seeing,” “He has seen,” “I want to see” to give an account of what we like.

– Link: to share a link to a particular publication or web. It can also be used for our followers to know our profile on another social network or blog.

– Book: before publishing, we can place some of the photographic filters.

– Places: to tell others where we are and recommend it, like a restaurant, for example.

– Music: to show what we are listening.

ShareWitch, to edit images with text and publish them on Instagram from the web

Vero seems to be two apps in one because in addition to allowing us to upload photos or images, we can read the news and chat with friends. Before uploading the pictures we can edit them or apply filters as on Instagram.

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Sectorized Friends

In this social network we not only have the traditional “Friends” or followers, but we can classify them by including them in one of the four categories offered: Friends, Close friends, Known and Followers.

These “types of friendship” has its security level system, which includes making them see your photos or not. If we want to hide a photo from everyone, we can change their privacy to “Only me,” like Facebook.

Our profile picture may vary according to the level of security. Each category of friendship may have a different avatar, so we can decide if the followers see any image and close friends visualize the best profile picture we have.

On the other hand, we can be followers of others without the need for them to be our followers too.

Disadvantages concerning Instagram

Many of the difficulties that we mention are somewhat subjective; perhaps some are not for a group of people interested only in uploading their best photographs.

– So far it does not have some users who share vast amounts of content to entertain us all day long.

– Due to its “beta” status, it has failures that make it difficult to create a user and publish images. Although it does not yet have a stable version, is almost unforgivable.

– It does not have Stories.

Finally, we can say that Vero is an app created to share our experience in places, book preferences, movies and what we read on the web. While we can post pictures and talk with friends.

If you belong to that group of Instagram users who no longer tolerate the changes. Or if you just want to try something new, you can download Vero here and tell us what you think.

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