Vaqso VR Will Add Smell Stimulation in Virtual Reality Immersion Experience

Now you can feel smell for virtual reality scene by using Vaqso VR. Vaqso VR is the best of this kind by having a maximum number of odors and compatible with all HMD devices. The new startup will boost its company name with the development of its odor emitter. That will have compatibility with all the virtual reality headsets. And this startup is planning to bring the final product to market very soon.

Vaqso VR Will Add Smell Stimulation in Virtual Reality Immersion Experience

Vaqso VR Compatible With All HMD Devices

The Japanese startup Vaqso is creating a small accessory compatible with any VR headset of VR goggle cardboards. That is it will run independently on how you are creating virtual reality immersion. The compatible headsets will include Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Sony PSVR.

With the help of new prototype, all of these products will allow you to stimulate the sense of smell so that our immersion in the virtual reality experiences gets even better. And this is because this new technology will make you feel more real other than just seeing and hearing.

Vaqso VR Will Add Smell Stimulation in Virtual Reality Immersion Experience

Heat, Cool, Smell, Rain, Pain, Pressure to Virtual Reality

Another startup which is recently working with temperatures and painful feelings in virtual reality, also going to introduce their final product as ThermReal. Along with such technologies, Vaqos product will add one more step in making the dream of the perfect virtual real world.

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Vaqso has captured around of 600,000 $ as an Investment. That investment will enable the company to develop its technology more quickly. Vaqso VR can be attached to any HMD through an adapter that includes a magnet for its attachment.

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Vaqso VR Will Add Smell Stimulation in Virtual Reality Immersion Experience

Open Source SDK

The prototype Vaqso VR can store and emit up to 3 types of odors. That has a variable intensity which will adjust according to what happens in the virtual experience. Thanks to small fans that it incorporates in its interior. The company intends to collaborate with other companies to introduce this type of technology in different branches such as advertising, films and video games. So it has an SDK compatible with major engines including Unity, Unreal, and CryEngine.

VR Sense Cabinet With Actual Wind, Smell, Temperature

Vaqso VR has a weight of 50 grams, includes a rechargeable battery for micro-USB with a standby time of about 2 hours. Also, the company states that the odors expire in 1 month. The current prototype only allows you to store up to three types of aromas. But they have the plan that the final version will between 5 to 10. FeelReal on the left, Nosulus Rift on the center, and Vaqso VR on the right. That will give you the best possible virtual reality immersion experience.

Compact Size and Best of this kind

The company is aware that they are not the only manufacturer for this kind of product which can induce smell for virtual reality. What makes Vaqso VR different, it emphasizes on the small size and making it compact. And until now this is the best one which can emit a maximum number of odors as well as compatible with any VR headset.

Vaqso plans to release a commercial version for users very soon, and at the moment there is no further information.