TSMC plans to build a new 5nm chip fabrication facility in the United States

TSMC plans to build a 5nm chip factory in Arizona, USA. It will create up to 1,600 jobs, cost $12 billion, and aim to manufacture products for US companies, thus reducing dependence on Chinese supply chains.

TSMC stated in a press release that “the project is critical and strategically important to enabling a vibrant and competitive semiconductor ecosystem in the United States, enabling U.S.-based companies to manufacture their products domestically.

Construction of the facility will begin in 2021 and the production of 5nm chips will begin in 2024. Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State, confirmed that these TSMC chips will power everything from 5G base stations to F-35 fighter planes. TSMC is also an important partner of Apple, as they manufacture the bionic chips used in the latest portable devices.

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