Tesla surpasses its record number of cars sold in 2022

Tesla ended 2022 with strong numbers, beating many of its records, but it also struggled. The company continues to fall short of Wall Street’s expectations, which has clearly weighed on the company in recent months. The sales record was broken, but that doesn’t seem to be enough.

Tesla sets 2022 sales record. The company has produced more cars than ever before and delivered the largest number of cars to date. So these numbers illustrate their progress, and they continue to dominate the power sector.

Tesla, Tesla surpasses its record number of cars sold in 2022, Optocrypto

Good numbers Throughout 2022, Tesla produced a total of 1,369,611 cars worldwide. In addition, the company sold 1,313,851 cars last year. While they beat the company’s previous record, they did not reach their goal of delivering 1.5 million cars during the year. That number was ultimately not met.

A sustainable growth of 50% was expected, but since those goals were not met, that growth is now at 40%. There are still many doubts about how they will manage the demand this year, as the company wants to introduce changes to end the logistical rush that hit them, especially in the last quarter of the year.

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Deliveries run into the last day of the year, as Tesla has confirmed. They want to change that, and so there may be changes in the way they operate this year. The other big question is whether they will be able to meet their targets, which they continue to fail to do and which Wall Street is watching with great anticipation.

Tesla, Tesla surpasses its record number of cars sold in 2022, Optocrypto

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