Swatch has lost a market value of 1000 M $ after presenting Apple Watch 3

Renewed or die. During the Sept. 12 launch of new Apple products, Tim Cook noted that “the company is the one that sells the most watches in the world today,” overtaking traditional manufacturers like Swatch, which was mentioned in the conference expressly. The result has been that the Swiss company has seen its shares fall 4.5%.

Swatch has lost a market value of 1000 M $ after presenting Apple Watch 3

Since the Swiss company has a market value of 21 billion dollars, that represents around 945 M $ lost value in two days. Analysts and investors have put pressure on this traditional watch manufacturer because it is not adapting to the times. Maybe something unfair, because smart watches are still a niche product, although Apple is leading the public to forced marches.

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Also, the real problem facing Swatch is coming. As analysts say the company will lose around 10% of its value in the next month. Sales of high-end mechanical watches are not going to be affected by smart watches and short-term activity wristbands. But they are affecting the mid- and low-range sector where Swatch has the majority of its business.

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Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm) Features

Physical activity

Smart Watch: Apple’s Watch Series 3 (38mm)
Basic characteristics
Dimensions 33.3 x 38.6 x 11.4 mm
Weight 26.7 grams
Battery 273 mAh Li-Ion
Sensors Accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity, ambient light, barometer, compass, gestures, heart rate
Waterproof and dustproof Yes, complete certificate, up to 50 m depth
OS watchOS 4
Presentation date 12 Sep 2017
Speakers monkey
Processor (SoC)
SoC S3
Company Manzana
Nuclei 2x Apple at 0.78 GHz
GPU PowerVR at 500MHz
Memory 0.5 GB
Storage 8GB
Size 1.32 inches
Resolution 272 x 340
Density of pixels 330 dpi
Kind IPS LCD with strength sensor and haptic response
iOS yes, version 8.2+
Wifi 802.11 b / g / n
Bluetooth 4.2
serves tactivity Steps, Career, Distance, Calories, Sleep, Elevation, Heart Rate, Breath, Swimming, Alarm Clock, Cycling, Strength Exercises, Golf