Shadow Wings 2 White fan, Be quiet promises silence in 120 and 140 mm

  • by David

Be Quiet announces a new fan family, the Shadow Wings 2 White. This is a white version of the Shadow Wings 2 introduced in January 2019. The range includes 120 and 140 mm versions in 3-pole and PWN versions.

With its attractive design, the Shadow Wings 2 White is the ideal choice for colourful configurations. However, it is quiet and efficient to cool your system. Thanks to the new white injection moulded version, the Shadow Wings 2 fan range offers two different colours, a premiere for being quiet! for series production.

The new entry is a boxing fan. It will find its place to bring air in or out, to let a configuration breathe. One of its features is to offer a low speed that ensures a low noise level. They do not exceed 15.9 dB(A) at full power. It benefits from a new vibration-damping mounting system based on a rubber frame.

The Wings 2 White is available in 120 mm and 140 mm sizes. The maximum speed for the 120mm model is 1,100 rpm, while the maximum speed for the 140mm model is 900 rpm.

Shadow Wings 2 White, details and prices

The barrel bearing mechanism has an expected life of more than 80,000 hours. The series consists of 3-pole or 4-pole PWM models.

The new fan will be available in a few weeks. It will be available at the recommended retail price of 15.90 Euro for the 120 mm version, 16.90 Euro for the 120 mm PWM version, 17.90 Euro for the 140 mm version and 18.90 Euro for the 140 mm PWM version.

At full speed, the 120 mm version delivers an airflow rate of 65 m3/h at a statistical pressure of 0.82 mmH20. The 140mm model offers a flow rate of 85 m3/h at a statistical pressure of 0.58 mmH20.

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