Shadow Arena will arrive at Steam Early Access on May 21, it will be Free To Play

Pearl Abyss announced that the Shadow Arena, their new fighting king with up to 40 players, will arrive at Steam Early Access for free on May 21st. Along with the announcement, the developer also released a new trailer:

Early Access announcement: Shadow Arena

Originally, Shadow Arena was a game that belonged to the world of the Black Desert, but then it developed into an independent concept. It has two game modes: individual and team play. While players can show off their skills in individual games, strategic gameplay will be essential in the team mode. It is also characterized by a strong cooperative mode.

In the Shadow Arena, forty players will compete in a merciless contest to be the last to survive. You can choose one of nine playable characters in the beta, each with a unique fighting style. To advance, you’ll need to hunt monsters and collect loot to upgrade your equipment. Flawless execution of your skills and well-thought-out evasion tactics are essential to ensure victory.

Shadow Arena, Shadow Arena will arrive at Steam Early Access on May 21, it will be Free To Play, Optocrypto

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