Samsung to mass-produce 5nm chips and announces the development of the 4nm node

Samsung starts production of the 5 nm chips and begins developing the 4 nm process. The second quarter was a success for the brand.

The COVID-19 may have fiercely attacked the technology sector, but Samsung is one of the “exceptions”. Today, the financial report for the second quarter of 2020 was released, which had 5.63% less revenue than 2019 ($44.477 million vs. $46.09 million in 2019). However, the news focuses on the progress of chip manufacturing processes.

Samsung is mass producing 5nm chips and the 4nm node is about to come

Samsung to mass produce 5nm chips and announces the development of the 4nm node
Samsung Electronics has commented on chip production, a business that has brought it record sales. You know that this company is active in many areas of the computer and electronics industry. The brand has not disclosed the revenue of each individual brand.

On the other hand, it has stated that they are already mass producing 5nm chips while the 4nm node is still under development. So far, Samsung is the second largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world. The first position is held by TSMC, which had a 52% share in 2019.

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As for the 4nm, TSMC is also working on it. The Taiwanese manufacturer says it will be compatible with the 5nm process design rules. We know that TSMC plans to mass-produce the 4nm process in 2022.

Finally, it is not known what Intel will do regarding the production of its chips. Lithography may be advanced or the change may come much later. At the moment the performance is still very good and the blue giant is pushing the 14nm process to its limits.