Samsung plans to incorporate Snapdragon 710 to its new terminal in January

Samsung is currently in the process of renewing its offering of mobile phones. The Korean company will restructure its product ranges and change many aspects and is already working on new models. We already know that the company is working on a phone that arrives with Snapdragon 710 as its processor. This model represents a move into the premium mid-range.

Samsung plans to incorporate Snapdragon 710 to its new terminal in January

Samsung would have a processor named Snapdragon 710, the same one we find in today’s most powerful mid-range phones, which are just one step below the top of the manufacturer’s class. In fact, the origin of this information points to a certain date for the launch of the new terminal in January 2019, which means we already have it around the corner.

This processor was introduced earlier this year as part of a new series developed by Qualcomm for this market segment. The premium mid-range is on the rise, with more and more models. Many of them are using this signature processor, and now Samsung is being added to the list of devices.


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It is practically time for the launch of this Korean premium media series. At the moment we don’t have any more data from the same, except for this processor that is incorporated inside it. Logically, these coming months will bring some leaks to us.

This is one of the new phones with which Samsung wants to renew its ranges as they are currently planning. Some of the current ranges will disappear and give way to new phone families. This means it will be a year of change for the company.