Ryzen 7000 would bring integrated graphics with AI and 3D stacking

The AMD Ryzen 7000 (Raphael) will be released in 2022 with the famous Zen 4 architecture and a 5 nm manufacturing process. We’ve already talked about it and compiled the rumors, but one of the most talked-about bombshells is its iGPU.

Look out for integrated graphics in the AMD Ryzen 7000, artificial intelligence? It all comes from a newly filed patent that refers to a CPU and mentions AI accelerators. Intel will have to surprise the red team with Raptor Lake.

Ladies and gentlemen, the war between Intel and AMD is not over, it has just begun. One of the arguments that hurts AMD as an alternative is integrated graphics, but who wants iGPUs to play games? Well, it makes it possible to use your PC as long as you don’t have a GPU.

This AMD Ryzen 7000 iGPU shows its potential

It has been revealed that the AMD Ryzen 7000 will go into mass production this month (at the end) and will hit the market in the third quarter: between August and September. There was also talk of performance upgrades, AM5 as a socket, etc., but what about the iGPU?

So far Intel has won the argument battle with its integrated graphics, while AMD has had no high-performance CPUs (other than APUs) that offer the same. They intend to end the debate, but not in any way AMD Ryzen 7000 integrated graphics innovation.

AMD has filed a patent that mentions AI accelerators and 3D stacking in the processor. AMD’s 3D stacking is based on 3D-V cache, but it may extend this design approach to integrated graphics.

Soon, theories about its function began to emerge:

The GPU could be integrated into the CPU die and would have a 6nm node. It’s possible that the acquisition of Xilinx has enabled work on such a design, with some analysts opting for a NPU or FPGA approach. The AMD Instinct MI250X GPU already comes with an AI acceleration module, just as Intel does with Xeon and DLBoost.

While it’s true that the technology AMD uses in the Instinct is for GPUs, we’re talking about desktop processors here. In fact, they are different products: One is all about efficiency and performance, while the other is all about value for money for consumers.

However, filing a patent does not mean that anything will be implemented in any product. It is a maneuver to protect a company’s intellectual property so that they cannot steal and exploit (commercialize) your idea. Patents usually have a term of 20 years; when the term expires, anyone can use it (which was the case with Cherry, for example).

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