Rylo launches his simple 360 ​​degree camera

Rylo, an emerging company, based in San Francisco, is launching its simple 360-degree video camera today. Behind its development are Alex Karpenko and Chris Cunningham, former Instagram engineers. These over the last two years have been thinking of a 360-degree camera model. That is easy to use for all users, both time to get results like when sharing them.

Rylo launches his simple 360 ​​degree camera

Rylo launches his simple 360-degree camera

Therefore, this 360-degree camera tries to differentiate itself from many other cameras in the market by trying to solve the possible drawbacks of captures at the software level. That does not only to offer better results but also facilitate the results shared by family members. And friends with hardly any difficulty.

In this regard, the software is the key to everything to offer better results and be able to disseminate them, whereby the possible effects of lens lenses of the lenses are corrected, movements. Also, the image instabilities are eliminated, as well as other improvements that they can be applied after the captures.

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Also, point out that the company has first developed the software and then design the hardware. For the rest, indicating that the camera has two 208-degree wide-angle lenses. Users can get a 2D video with a 360-degree capture. That is by selecting the area they want to keep, or they can keep a fully immersive 4K 360-degree video.

Also, after taking images, users can open the mobile application and make the necessary editing. Also, that is easy to carry out in front of other options. And after that, share the results without tricky. At the moment, the mobile application is available for iOS devices although an Android version is on the way.

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The camera has a price of 500 dollars bringing with it the camera itself, battery, 16 GB microSD card, protective bag and synchronization and charging cables.