Resident Evil 8: new rumors are emerging

As Capcom slowly approaching the end of the development of the remake of Resident Evil 3, its another work in the saga that has been in the news in recent days. Also eagerly awaited, Resident Evil 8 is making headlines with new rumors.

Resident Evil 8: new rumors are emerging

It’s obvious that Resident Evil 8 is well planned and will arrive on the new generation consoles. It must be acknowledged, however, that since the release of the seventh installment in January 2017, information about it has been kept confidential. The website points out that it has received an email from an “insider”. The content of the email mentions several details about Resident Evil 8, as follows:

  • Ethan will return as a playable character
  • Resident Evil 8 was tested last year (Capcom had officially invited fans of the franchise to test a game listed in the development editor’s note)
  • The title of the game will not be Resident Evil 8 but will have a “smart title” (like VII in the Resident Evil 7 logo).
  • The game will be played in the first person, like Resident Evil 7.
  • The game starts in a village that leads to a castle.
  • The environment will be rural, snow-covered and mountainous, it seems to be somewhere in Europe.
  • Zombies will replace the enemies of Resident Evil 7.
  • A female enemy will follow the player persistently and will disintegrate when he is shot.
  • There will be wolf-like creatures that attack the player in certain areas.
  • Chris Redfield will come back and have a few gigs
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Are these just Rumors about RE8?

If none of this is official, the information given in this email remains plausible. However, VR compatibility is not mentioned yet. After the remarkable success of RE7, it would be surprising for Capcom to ignore VR. Keep in mind that even though their last virtual reality game is from 2017, there are two VR experiences around the license in Japan: Resident Evil: Valiant Raid and Resident Evil: Walkthrough The Fear.