PS5: price and release date from the guy that predicts Last of Us Part II

Console price could have been confirmed because the same “insider” who filtered the release date of The Last of Us Part II a few months ago announced that PlayStation 5 would come at a high price and release date less than a year away.

PS5: price and release date from the guy that predicts Last of Us Part II

PS5 would come at a high price and a date practically less than a year away. PSErebus, a famous Twitter user, has launched the explosive and the industry returns to talk about PlayStation 5 with consideration.

Among other things, PSErebus is known for announcing the release date of The Last of Us Part II long before it is confirmed in the State of Play, which focuses on the game.

In recent weeks, the user has also published information about his Twitter account on PS5, which has bounced off other social networks such as Facebook and Reddit.

However, this famous “insider” now seems to be convinced of the most important details about PS5, at least as it has to do with the budget.

PS5: price and release date from the guy that predicts Last of Us Part II

PS5: Release date

According to PSErebus, the PS5 would reach the North American market on November 20, 2020, exactly one year from now.

The alleged distance of exactly one year may have been the main reason that PSErebus will announce the launch date of the PlayStation 5 on that day.

PS5: Price

In addition, the renowned user assured that PS5 will arrive in many countries with a recommended retail price of 499 US dollars (RRP) for Christmas 2020.

This corresponds to the vast majority of speculations and forecasts about the price of the PS5 that have emerged since the console’s announcement.

PS5 would arrive to take full advantage of the Christmas season and is already urging other industry representatives to hurry up in their ads (Hello, Microsoft).

PlayStation 5 has been in the news every week since its announcement. A multitude of new details and suspicious patents are appearing one after the other.

The latest possible features of the PS5 were its likely ability to read tapes (although it is not known for what purpose) and the revelation of the first images of its controller, already known as DualShock 5.

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PS5: price and release date from the guy that predicts Last of Us Part II

Thousands of fans were confused by the unveiling of the first official images of DualShock 5, the PS5 controller, which offers a much more robust structure and features that won’t go unnoticed.

The PS5 controller was the star of the inconspicuous announcement of Sony’s new console, which revealed certain usage details and showed how the Dualshock 5 will bring players closer.

A recently announced patent shows us their differences to the PS4 controller. This is because Sony had planned for the PS5 DualShock 5 to be larger than its predecessor and no longer have the light in the background.

PS5 could have games in cartridges

The PS5 is facing the generation with the biggest video games in the size of all time (average 100GB), and Sony seems to care more about it. A recent patent application points to an alternative, the “game cartridge” that could be made for the PlayStation 5 to read.

Another fact that appeared on PS5 in Brazil. This is a patent of the National Institute of Intellectual Property in this country has attracted the attention of all fans to social networks and forums such as Reddit and Facebook.

When we come back to the problem of the immense size of games, not only in the PS5 but in all ninth-generation consoles, it’s easy to imagine that Sony is looking for alternatives not to be undermined by paradigms that shouldn’t worry about this dilemma.

The first developed photo of a PlayStation 5

The PS5 already has a real photo, the same one that became viral on social networks around the world some time ago, and is the first to be taken by PlayStation 5 hardware, according to its Development Kit.

This photo was published by ZoneOfTTECH on YouTube and has already traveled the world. The console has a notorious V-shape and a design that has been filtered into patents for the PS5 development kit.

Although this is a design that may not match the final hardware of the PlayStation 5, many have begun to wonder whether PS5 would really have a similar shape. What do you think?