Nvidia Ampere, the first official track schedule in an event on May 14

Nvidia announced a new event for May 14 as a replacement for GTC 2020 and together with the announcement gave the first preview of Ampere, which practically confirmed the rumors that its new architecture will be called.

Unfortunately, the preview loses its appeal when we translate it into English: “Get Amped for latest platform breakthrough in AI, deep learning, autonomous vehicles, robotics, and professional graphics” clearly refers to Ampere with the word ” Amped”, so we can count it as the first official preview.

According to this announcement, the event will focus on artificial intelligence, deep learning, autonomous vehicles, robotics, and professional graphics, so we should see a lot of announcements from Nvidia. Evidently, the focus will be Ampere, with the possible announcement of new Tesla graphics and maybe new Quadro graphics.

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Unfortunately, there are no concrete leaks regarding the announcements Nvidia will make in this case, although we’ve already seen prototypes of Tesla graphics with up to 8192 Cuda cores in Geekbench, so this is probably one of the many announcements we’ll see.

If you are interested in seeing the event, you can follow it on May 14th from 10:00 am in Argentina on Nvidia’s YouTube channel.