A new viral: Nose hair extensions

Viruses come and go. It is impossible to know which event or what action will become viral by social networks. However, the more creative and simple the idea is, the more likely it is to become a trend with hundreds of tags per application. In this opportunity, we do not bring challenges of water and ice. Or to surpass a distance with a single foot, none of that. We have found a fashion implemented by several young people from different parts of the world: to put extensions of hair in the nose.

 New viral nose hair extensions

As well as the turn, this is a trend created by a girl who possibly did not think. That would be the model to follow to implement a new way of expressing themselves through social networks. In this case, it has been used only a few extensions of hair and nostrils to give life to the idea.


The main protagonist of the trend Nose Hairs?

The young person in charge of returning this viral idea is Gret_chen_chen. An Asian that has published the previous photo in its profile in Instagram. This young woman says she did not want to become a trend. Because she said she only did it as a joke, nothing more. Contrary to this, #nosehair and #nosehairextensions are increasingly being used by hundreds of girls.

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The trend is also being implemented by girls influencers with thousands of followers, who have taken the opportunity to gain a little more fame. What was thought to be a joke of 5 minutes, has become a viral that seems not going to stop in the next few hours?

If we observe these photographs, we will observe that it causes a little grace and also of elegance. That is a perfect combination to be a trend without much work. Imagine that to make these extensions does not take much effort. So if you are thinking about practicing this fashion, we recommend you do it already. So you will join the most viral of the moment.


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