New Asus E500 G5 and E500 G5 SFF Specifications

Asus, the market-leading manufacturer of servers, motherboards, graphics cards, workstations and all kinds of high-performance products for PC users, today revealed new products for workstations based on the latest Intel Mehlow platform.

New Asus E500 G5 and E500 G5 SFF workstations based on Intel Mehlow

New Asus E500 G5 and E500 G5 SFF Specifications

Asus has announced the new WS C246 PRO and WS C246M PRO motherboards, as well as the Asus E500 G5 and E500 G5 SFF workstations. These new workstations are based on the Intel Mehlow platform, which offers up to a 50% performance improvement in multi-threaded workloads, enabling a major improvement in overall system performance over the previous platform.

This new Intel Mehlow platform includes support for the latest Intel Xeon E processors, based on the award-winning Coffee Lake architecture that is working so well in the mainstream consumer sector. These new Xeons are designed to provide small and mid-sized businesses with high performance for professional workloads, combined with industry-leading reliability and security. With the new Intel Mehlow platform, Intel Xeon E processors provide enhanced support for features such as 4K UHD video rendering, suitable for content creators.

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The new Asus E500 G5 and E500 G5 SFF workstations come in two ATX sizes and are small in size and feature Intel Xeon E2100 Series processors to enable users to perform faster and more efficiently. Both are compatible with multiple graphics cards, including Nvidia Quadro and AMD Radeon Pro, and are certified as Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to ensure the best reliability and compatibility with software from a wide range of companies, including Adobe, Autodesk, and SolidWorks.