Near Share is the AirDrop version of Windows 10

If any of you have an iOS or MacOS device, you will know the AirDrop function. That allows you to share files more efficiently. Microsoft has enabled a similar feature called Near Share in the latest version of Windows 10 Insider.

Near Share is the AirDrop version for Windows 10

Near Share is the AirDrop version of Windows 10

Near Share works a lot like AirDrop. Users can share files between two computers with Windows 10 via Bluetooth. The function has to be activated within the Activity Center in Windows 10. And then it will be available as one of the options to share files within the file browser and applications such as Edge or Photos, for example.


When sending the file, the recipient will receive a notification in the Share Center of their computer. It is worth mentioning that both must have installed the Build 17035 or higher of Windows 10 Insider and the Near Share function must be active. Otherwise, they can not send or receive files.

This version of Windows 10 Insider also includes other exciting additions. From the outset, it will be possible to mute a tab in Microsoft Edge. That is similar to what happens in Chrome and is quite useful for those sites. In which you can play videos or sounds that you can not neutralize directly.

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Edge will also allow you to download free EPUB files. If you are reading one and want to make a copy, you can do it without problems in a similar way to how PDF files download on your PC.

Finally, there are improvements in the downloads of updates where it is now possible to limit the bandwidth. The Sound options are currently in the main Options menu. Also, that comes with more than 190 languages have been added to the standard touch keyboard and much more.

To know all the new options, you can go directly to the Windows Blog.


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