Nasdaq: AMD has taken the lead on the stock market, leaving Intel and Nvidia behind

The stock markets are in a downward spiral. As for the main companies, their performance in the indices has been inconsistent, although they cumulate all the losses carried by the markets. Yet AMD remains at the forefront of performance.

AMD most profitable, Intel Stays and NVIDIA Falls

The economic recession in which we are already plunged is weighing on markets around the world, and if we look at the charts, the situation could become worrying.

It is true that in the market for technologies such as the Nasdaq, everything works differently and although they are not exempt from loss with higher indices such as S&P500, their goals must be viewed differently.

Likewise, in this article 2018, we will give an overview of the three major technology companies in the world and draw up small balance sheets that explain their situation.

When we look at the S&P500, AMD achieved the best performance among the 500 best companies in the U.S., which is really difficult to achieve as it achieved an average growth of 73.3% in the global 2018 calculation.

Their shares rose 85% until mid-September when they reached a price of $34.14 per share. Currently, the drop is 40.2% and inventories are at $18.83, so they appear to be rising again.


NVIDIA’s share price fell 54% last year, giving it a position among the worst in the S&P500 and Nasdaq.

The reasons are clear, mining has left its mark and the stock of medium Pascal cards remains high.

From the 286 dollars to those quoted on the Nasdaq, only 136 are currently recovering and thanks to a slight increase at the beginning of the year.

The CES 2019 can be a starting point to resume the flight or to bring the company to a level not reached since 2016.



The blue giant was not free of controversy or hard blows from markets and shareholders.

The escalation of the share price was the most continuous during the years 2017 and 2018, whereby strangely enough neither the supply problems nor the delays in the lithographic process at 10 nm seem to have strongly burdened the share price.

Beyond the decline in the markets, Intel appears to be the most stable of the big three.

It is also true that the escalation of the price of its shares was last and also least pronounced, but it is also true that, of the three, it is the one that least noticed the decline of mining because it was less exposed.

Nasdaq: AMD has taken the lead on the stock market, leaving Intel and Nvidia behind

This is reflected in its evolution over the last two decades, when its value was most stable, with a difference between the large, with only a very significant increase with the subsequent decline in 2000, when it reached historic highs of over $70 per share.


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