AMD threatens Intel Xeon server market with Epyc

In the data center market, Intel’s dominance is at risk as AMD can secure under more than 10 percent market share in less than two years. AMD’s business growth is not limited to desktop customers with AMD Ryzen but also includes business development. And EPYC server chips are also a threat to Intel.

The market sources expect a lot from AMD and its growing market

AMD threatens Intel Xeon server market with Epyc

It seems that AMD accounts for about 10 percent of the server market, which is not so much, but every small change is a great performance for AMD and its new server performance. The company’s server market share has been declining for many years until EPYC arrived, and this steady growth could be the beginning of a preference for the red team that fuels competition in the sector.

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According to enigmatic “market sources”, EPYC would bring Intel’s share below 90% by the end of 2020. The company, led by Dr. Lisa Su, achieved a market share of 3.2% in the fourth half of 2018, well above the 0.8% of the last twelve months.

According to rumours, Google would choose EPYC for its Stadia games streaming platform. The red team also has big plans for EPYC. As in the consumer market (Ryzen 3000 is expected by mid-year), the next Rome EPYC processors would be based on the Zen 2 architecture of 7nm.