Microsoft launches online courses on Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft’s team announced that it has launched two new curricula to its Microsoft Professional Program educational proposal.

Microsoft launches online courses on Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft launches online courses on Artificial Intelligence

The MPP program is the program developed by Microsoft to help users develop high-demand skills. And to expand the range of options he already offers, he added a series of courses on Artificial Intelligence and Software Development.

This Artificial Intelligence program consists of 10 courses, with a duration of 3 months each. The basics of artificial intelligence, basic Python concepts, mathematical principles, the role of Big Data, automatic learning models, among other topics will be analyzed.

The Software Development program, on the other hand, is entry-level, because it is designed for those who have no programming skills. The course curriculum is made up of 13 courses, following the same dynamics as the previous programme.

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We will look at the fundamentals of Python, how to prototype with JavaScript, how to use GitHub, introduction to design thinking, data structures, and more.

All of the courses in these programs will be taught from the edX educational platform. If you want to obtain a certificate from Microsoft, you must pay the fee for each course. And if you just want to take advantage of the content, you can opt for the free version by choosing the auditory mode.