Microsoft creates supercomputer for smarter Artificial Intelligence

Those who don’t remember the scenes from the movie Ruthless Terminator, in which the machines turned against us after a supercomputer was taken out of the way, found themselves further away from becoming reality than they are now.

Microsoft has received a huge supercomputer for its work with artificial intelligence, which is a turning point for its Azure cloud computing service.

This beautiful machine has no less than 285,000 processor cores powered by 10,000 graphics chips for OpenAI. OpenAI is a company that wants to ensure that AI technology helps people.

This nice news was announced by Microsoft at the Build Conference for programmers. And for those who do not know about it, OpenAI is the best way to help people: So far, supercomputers, which are the most powerful computing machines in the world, tend to be used for the most difficult problems.

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In other words, they are used for work such as simulating nuclear explosions, predicting the future Earth’s climate, and even finding drugs to combat the coronavirus.

What makes the supercomputers of the others stand out is the gigantic amount of memory and the fast connections between the processors. This means that a supercomputer can concentrate on a more complicated problem than a larger group of smaller, cheaper machines.

Both Microsoft and OpenAI believe that their massive supercomputer will give AI a new sophistication. This partnership, which began last year, involves a billion-dollar investment by Microsoft.

It will be a step forward from supercomputers becoming robots, then I think it will be better to treat the machines well, otherwise, we will really see them turn against us, and the movie Ruthless Terminator and others of the genre will become real. AI is becoming more real.

Source: CNet