Xiaomi CC9 would be released worldwide as Mi 9 Lite

It’s been a month since Xiaomi introduced its new mobile phones, which are the result of its collaboration with Meitu. It was the Xiaomi CC9, where the simplest model served as the base for the Mi A3. But also in Europe, the normal model should come on the market, however under another name. New reports indicate that Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite would be the name of the brand.

The Xiaomi CC9 would appear worldwide as Mi 9 Lite

So it wouldn’t be a new phone with Android One, but will simply be renamed in view of this international phone version.

At the moment there are only a few details to this Mi 9 Lite. One of the doubts is whether there will be changes to the Xiaomi CC9, which was released a few weeks ago in China. Although this is only a name change, the phone’s specifications are expected to remain unchanged in this respect. But there are no details yet.

It is also not known when it will be officially released. It was seen somewhere on the Internet, so everything indicates that it is about to be official. The brand has said nothing about this launch so far.

Users who used to be interested in the Xiaomi CC9 will soon be able to buy it in Europe, but with a different name. The name chosen in this case is Mi 9 Lite, which can certainly help to sell better. We hope to learn more about this possible introduction.


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