Magic Leap One: Magic Leap presents its Magic Leap One glasses for Augmented Reality

Magic Leap today revealed the Magic Leap One. That is a new augmented reality system that, above all, wants to get away from the bulky helmets that currently dominate Virtual Reality.

Magic Leap One: Magic Leap presents its Magic Leap One glasses for Augmented Reality

Magic Leap One: Magic Leap presents its Magic Leap One glasses for Augmented Reality

Although the details about this product are still quite scarce. Also,  we already know some details about the Magic Leap One and we even know when it will begin to be commercialized.

The first thing you should know is that Magic Leap One is really a collection of three devices. The first device is the Lightwear glasses. that looks more like a pair of protective glasses than any of the voluminous Virtual Reality helmets we’ve seen so far. 

Magic Leap One: Magic Leap presents its Magic Leap One glasses for Augmented Reality

Lightwear is combined with Lightpack, which houses the processing units and graphics in an element. That is held by a clip. Finally, we have the controller. That seems to have a single button along with a touchpad for controls using gestures.

One of the main characteristics of the Magic Leap One is its field of digital light. That tries to combine digital light with natural light so that the difference between the objects of the Augmented Reality and the real world is less pronounced. The sensors that see the side of the lenses in the Lightwear glasses will be able to reconstruct the environment in the digital world. Also, that will help even more to blur the lines between the digital and the physical.

Magic Leap says its One platform comes with high-powered computing hardware. And although it does not specify what kind of CPU and GPU it is using. And it does say it will be powerful enough to provide “gaming quality graphics” and “performance”. of a laptop. ”

Magic Leap One revealed: mixed reality

The controller that includes in Magic Leap One has a haptic response and six degrees of freedom. That will probably be achieved thanks to the cameras that integrate the viewfinder. And from there it can be the one that includes side cameras to achieve a greater angle of capture than Viewers like Windows MR. In addition to the controller, and as we could see in the musical application that we could know yesterday, the device will allow us to interact also by voice, gestures, head movement and eye tracking.

Looking at the set, it seems that the Magic Leap One is a hardware blend of the concept of Microsoft HoloLens with that of the Oculus Go. Even though these two devices are fully independent, requiring no wires to external drives.

The hardware revelation came with the promise that the first Magic Leap One units will be shipped in 2018. But the price of the equipment was not indicated. By show is the experience that these augmented reality glasses can provide their users.

The mysterious side of Magic Leap

“We are adding another dimension to computing. Where digital respects the physical. And both work together to make life better. The Magic Leap One is built for creators who want to change the way we experience the world, “read the official product page.

The American technology, however, continues to be very vague in explaining what makes its equipment different from the competition. “We combine light technology with ambient mapping, precise positioning, and spatial sound to produce spectacular experiences that look natural,” the site continues.

As for the light field technology that gives life to the augmented worlds of this viewer, the company describes it as “digital light at different depths that blend perfectly to produce real digital objects that coexist in the real world.” This advanced technology. Also, it allows our brain to process digital objects in the same way we do with real-world objects. That makes it comfortable to use for long periods of time. ”

Magic Leap One: The mixed-reality glasses in pictures

The virtual objects that we place in our real world will be persistent. So we will find them again on your site thanks to the mapping that stores our environment.


At the moment, its price has not been revealed. But the latest news shows that it could range between $ 1,500 and $ 2,000. After several years of waiting and investment records, the Magic Leap augmented reality viewer is already a reality. That will arrive at the beginning of 2018 in the hands of developers.

You can learn more about Magic Leap One by visiting the official site. That has been launched today. The product itself will start shipping to developers some time next year.


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