Firefox Reality lets you send tabs to your virtual reality glasses

Since Firefox continues to rely on Virtual Reality, making Firefox Reality available to your accounts is the next goal to improve accessibility on all your devices. So the next update of the study will allow all users to send their tabs from their mobile phone or computer directly to their virtual reality glasses.

Firefox Reality lets you send tabs to your virtual reality glasses

This is an even newer concept for Firefox Reality that aims to attract more and more users to this browser, which is specifically designed to work with virtual reality devices and synchronizes Firefox accounts, whether in Android, iOS or computers.

According to a ZDNet report, all 3D content found online can be sent to your device via a drop-down menu in the Firefox address bar. Then you need to click the button to view the saved tabs and enjoy all the content thanks to Firefox Reality.

Firefox Reality: The future of virtual reality

Today we live in an industry where virtual reality content is most scarce, but Firefox Reality offers users a neutral way to surf the Internet. Experiment between 2D websites and immersive virtual reality experiences by simply pressing a few buttons and even activating them via voice.

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We’re talking about a technology that’s evolving over the months, and Firefox hopes that this type of application will be the foundation or impetus for searching for more immersive experiences, not only in the case of video games but also when surfing the web.

Nowadays there are devices that are not available to all buyers, but just like smartphones, virtual reality is expected to reach new horizons and become a technology that is present in our everyday lives, which is often mirrored in series, movies or video games.