Lensa, AI App for iOS automatically corrects Seflies

The makers of Prisma have launched a new app that promises interesting features for photo retouching with artificial intelligence. Lensa is the name of the new app, which combines a number of powerful functions for editing Seflies. The dynamics are very simple, just take a Seflie or choose one from the gallery and we’ll have all the features available.

Lensa, AI App for iOS automatically corrects Seflies

The app analyzes the photo and automatically applies corrections to the face…that includes tooth whitening, skin blemishes and other possibilities based on AI parameters. So users can rely on a tool that removes the imperfections of their selfies in seconds without losing their naturalness.

And, of course, you can manually configure any of these options. It also has basic options for editing photos, such as contrast, color, saturation, white balance, and so on. There are also other ways to improve the photo by taking the background into account, such as applying the bokeh effect or emphasizing different facial features.

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Most features are free but offer some additional options for those who opt for a monthly subscription. Lensa is currently only available to iOS users, but the developers of the app promise to bring it to Android in early 2019.