Kingston DDR4-3200 Registered DIMMs for the new AMD EPYC

Kingston Technology Europe today revealed its 3200 MT/sec, 32GB, 16GB, and 8GB Premier DDR4 registered DIMM Server Premier DDR4 modules to unleash the full potential of the new AMD EPYC second-generation processor (codenamed “Rome”). Kingston’s Premier Server modules are specifically designed to take full advantage of the latest AMD server processor architecture. These next-generation DIMMs have a speed of 3200 MT/s (supported by the latest AMD EPYC processor family) and a maximum throughput of up to 25.6 GB/s. In summary, for multi-channel operation, this means a significant performance boost for today’s server applications that require large memory resources.

Server Premier Memories are made from an unchangeable material list that ensures consistency between the brand and version of DRAM modules. They also undergo rigorous, dynamic burn-in testing to detect factory defects before products are shipped to customers. A key element of the production test is the simulation of workloads occurring in customer environments on the same motherboards as those used in their data centers.

Server Premier Storage Features:

– Unchangeable list of materials,
– 45-90 days before changing the part,
– Verification of the correctness of work on server platforms,
– Qualification of a leading manufacturer of server motherboards,
– Speed of DDR4 modules from 2400 to 3200 MT/s,
– unlimited warranty,
– The best service and support in the industry.

Kingston, Kingston DDR4-3200 Registered DIMMs for the new AMD EPYC, Optocrypto

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