Intel Xe will have detailed insights at the GDC in March

In a presentation at the GDC in March of this year, Intel will reveal concrete details about its upcoming Intel Xe graphics hardware architecture. Some of the “powerful” new features will include hardware-accelerated ray tracing and improvements in computation, geometry, and performance.

Intel Xe will have detailed insights at the GDC in March
Intel will be at the GDC to discuss Intel Xe in detail

The GDC, described as the world’s largest professional video game industry event, will take place in San Francisco from March 16th to 20th. On Tuesday, Antoine Cohade, of Intel’s Game Developer Relations Department, announced on Twitter that he will give a presentation entitled ”A Primer on Intel Graphics Xe Architecture”. The presentation is not surprising, as Cohade also gave a detailed presentation of Ice Lake’s Gen11 graphics architecture at GDC 2019 last year.

“This update brings significant improvements in computation, geometry, and performance over the Gen9 and Gen11 graphics widely used today. Says the information.

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The listing also states that the architecture tutorial will detail the structure of the building blocks and their impact on performance. For software developers, it will also explain how these features can be optimized. It is aimed at the video game and engine developers and engineers with an interest in hardware.

Regarding the difference between the discrete and integrated versions, Mike Burrows, CTO, and director of Intel’s Advanced Technologies, Gaming and Graphics Group, told Twitter earlier this month that the discrete (dedicated) version has the advantage of dedicated memory, dedicated performance, and better thermal performance.

This year will be a revolution for Intel in the dedicated and embedded GPU segment. We will see how much and if it will be relevant for gamers, which is currently being discussed between Nvidia and AMD.