Intel Core i9: 18 cores looking to sweep the market by maximum power

Intel introduces Intel Core i9 processors in Computex 2017. It seems that AMD is getting to move from its chair to Intel with the appearance of Ryzen. And it is the time because it is being very conservative in the market that dominates to its wide.

There is new processor technology of Core i9 series that we just checked in the present Computex 2017. Here Intel has brought new artillery within the denomination ” X Series ” of processors. There we found new processors SkyLake and Kaby Lake, but mainly what catches our attention is the Core i9 with 18 cores.

So with total nine new processors, of which four are versions of the mentioned Core i9, and the rest, as new Core i5 and i7, more powerful and with more cores. All of them will work on the Socket 2066, Intel X299 board.Nine processors, nine prices

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Intel is aware that AMD has drawn attention with Ryzen, it was time to present striking developments of their technology. So they introduce a range of processors designed to meet the demands of players and visual content creators. But with many different steps: we have a Core i5-7640X that starts the family and costs 242 $. Also, we can reach the Core i9-7980XE, For which we will be asked for 1,999.

Let’s not bother it with the Intel Core i9, Intel has decided to put a few steps down. With an access model called Core i9-7900X: for 999  $, we have 10 cores, 14nm, 140W and 3.3 / 4.3GHz.

I hope we do not overdo the new designations, there are Core-i9 processors in the Skylake-X family with 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 cores. In the top model of the range, there are 18 cores with hyperthreading take us up to 36 threads.

Intel Core i9: 18 cores looking to sweep the market by maximum power

The eighth generation Intel Core i9

In addition to the new Core X family Intel Core i9, it is interesting to note that Intel has talked about a pro about the upcoming eighth generation of processors, known internally as ‘ Coffee Lake ‘. They say that it will be 30% more powerful than the Kaby Lake. And they said this is not going to be a revolution.

Intel Core i9: 18 cores looking to sweep the market by maximum power
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