Instinct MI200, AMD CEO previews the next generation of MCM-based GPU

AMD will officially unveil the new Radeon Instinct MI200 and the next-generation EPYC at an event on November 8. However, AMD CEO Lisa Su wanted to raise expectations by unveiling the MI200 earlier than planned.

Radeon Instinct MI200, AMD shows the accelerator in a small preview

AMD is expected to officially unveil its next-generation EPYC processors with 3D V-cache and Instinct MI200 series accelerators next Monday.

Instinct MI200, AMD CEO previews the next generation of MCM-based GPU

AMD kicked things up a notch with a Twitter post in which AMD CEO Lisa Su posted a picture of herself with a 2 CPU/8 GPU server in the background. The image shows AMD EPYC and AMD Instinct branding and gives us an idea of what will be announced next Monday.

On the server processor side, AMD announced the new EPYC “Milan-X” series, which will use the 3D V-Cache technology that was also announced for the upcoming Ryzen series. Those who already own EPYC Milan-based machines will not have to make a new investment in motherboards, as current motherboards will be compatible with Milan-X.

On the accelerator graphics card side, the Radeon Instinct MI200 will mark a turning point. The card is codenamed Aldebaran and is based on the CDNA 2 architecture. Aldebaran will be AMD’s first GPU with an MCM design, which consists of two interconnected chips with Infinity Fabric technology.

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The most powerful model in the series could be the MI250X with 110 processing units running at a speed of 1.70 GHz and around 48 TFLOPs of FP64 performance. The MI200 GPU would be equipped with 128 GB of HBM2e memory.

The new EPYCs and Radeon Instinct MI200s will power a variety of supercomputers and servers around the world. Details will be announced on November 8.