IBM patents a project in which a drone can bring you coffee

For technology lovers, this will be one of the most expected patents. This is a new project of the big IBM, where a drone can take your coffee wherever you are.

Great! Isn’t it?

IBM patents a project in which a drone can bring you coffee
Well, although it may seem a little fictional, the company has patented this project, and although it has already filed 105,000 patents between 1993 and 2017, there is no reason to be discouraged.

This drone can bring you the coffee if you give it a signal, like a hand signal, or if you give it a command from your smartphone, but for the company, this project is a little more ambitious, since, according to the patent registered in the American office last August 7, this drone has sensors to scan people and implement a technology to know who needs the precious drink.

IBM patents a project in which a drone can bring you coffee

This technology tests person who “seem to be in a deliberate cognitive state,” that is, who need caffeine, through sensors that record pupil dilation and facial expressions.

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The company mentions that all personal data will be used in accordance with “the privacy policy and with the consent of the users”.

In addition, data on sleep quality, blood pressure and session times are investigated in this project to determine the need for coffee in the body. According to the source, the company hopes to bring this project to factories and/or offices to keep its employees awake.

When you think about it, the idea of a cup of boiling coffee flying over many people is not very encouraging, but IBM has thought about these details, so in this patent they have called this system “anti-spill” and therefore they will use leak-proof plastic bags to prevent any situation, such as drones colliding and spilling the drink.

But this would only be the beginning of a new way of preparing coffee and bringing it to consumers because the company has mentioned that this process could be automated so that no one would be required to prepare and operate the coffee.