What is the hybrid sleep in Windows 10 and how to activate it?

Windows 10 offers users several options when it comes to pressing the Shut down button. In this way, the operating system may cause the computer to restart, suspend, or shut down entirely by pressing Shut Down.

Almost everyone knows these three functions, but on Windows 10 there is also a fourth less known function, which is called Hybrid sleep. Here’s what the hybrid sleep is and how it can be activated in Windows 10.

First, what happens when you suspend or hibernate a session in Windows 10?

Before we go into the Hybrid sleep option, let’s see exactly what happens when you activate the other two modes: Suspend and Activate.

What is the hybrid sleep in Windows 10 and how to activate it?

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When suspending the computer, our computer activates a limited power consumption mode, whereby the session data is stored in the RAM so that all applications that were open can function after resuming the session.

On the other hand, hibernation refers to the fact that session data is stored on the hard disk and not in RAM. This feature is useful because it reduces power consumption to zero.

What is the hybrid sleep?

The hybrid suspends a state of the operating system by which session data is stored in both RAM and hard disk. In this way, restarting the computer is like leaving a standard sleep. And the computer will start to run faster than otherwise.
Also, if a power outage occurs during a hybrid sleep. So, Windows 10 will allow you to recover from the previous session easily.

How to activate hybrid sleep in Windows 10?

If you want to make use of the hybrid sleep in Windows 10, just go to the Control Panel and look for the Power Options.
Afterwards, you will have to click on the option Change configuration of the plan. That you have active, and then you will have to go to an option that will leave you to change the advanced setting of energy.

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Finally, in the window that appears you should find the option Suspend, click on the down arrow. And enable the option to allow hybrid sleep. When deploying this function again, you will see that you can activate the hybrid sleep in Windows.

To enable or disable Hybrid Sleep, open the Control Panel. You can usually do this by pressing “Windows Key + X” and clicking “Control Panel. But if you can’t find it there, then you can search for it via Cortana or the Start menu.


Here, click “Power Options” while in Large/Small Icon View.


Find the power plan you’re currently on and click “Change plan settings” to its right. You can tell which plan you’re currently on because the radio button next to its name is filled in.


Click “change advanced power settings” near the bottom.


Expand the “Sleep” category, then “Allow Hybrid Sleep”, and modify the options as you see fit.


When using a handheld device, you can enable or disable the hybrid hanger with both the battery. And when the device is connected to a charger.


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