How to share files between Windows computers with WiFi only

Now share files between computers with just WiFi connectivity without internet. Sharing files on the Internet is so common for us that sometimes we keep thinking about using the best tools. We are just confining ourselves to the most common method and application. But today we bring you three programs that allow you to transfer files over WiFi without using the Internet.

How to share files between Windows computers with WiFi only, Optocrypto

WiFi Direct technology allows two computers connected to the same WiFi point to share files between them. In some software, you can even send text messages between computers and use up to 20 MB speed to transfer files of all kinds.

1. shareIt

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Available for Windows, this is one of the best programs for file transfer with WiFi-Direct. The best thing about this application is that there is no limit to the number or size of files that can be transferred. The transmission speed is 200 times faster than Bluetooth, up to 20 MB.

To use ShareIt, the program must be installed on both PCs. Then we open it in one of them so that the WiFi point is created and displayed on the other computer and can connect to the point. You can now start the file transfer.

Microsoft and WhatsApp may be working on a new version of the Windows application.

Download ShareIt.

2. Zapya

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Another program that will make it very easy to send documents, videos, pictures, executables and more via WiFi-Direct. In contrast to the previous one, the transfer speed can reach up to 10 MB, half of that of ShareIt.

The files are transferred from the WiFi point without using the Internet, and the procedure for connecting both computers is the same as described above. Zapya also lets you exchange chat-style text messages.

Download Zapya.

3. Feem

No matter how many files you need to transfer, no matter how large they are, Feem lets you connect to a WiFi network and send them at speeds of up to 10MB. The quality of the files is not compromised during transfer.

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If the hotspot is created on one of the computers and the other is connected, you will see the option to transfer files.

Download Feem.

Another option is SilFer, which allows you to send files faster than from the cloud or via Bluetooth.

share files, How to share files between Windows computers with WiFi only, Optocrypto

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