Half-Life 2: Remastered found in Steam database

After a few dauntless people went into the Steam database and found the title Half-Life 2: Remastered among them, the surprise was huge.

Half-life 2: Remastered found in the Steam database

Unlike Crysis Remastered, which is an official release from Crytek, a remastered version of Half-Life 2 from Valve was not announced since DSOGaming released it.

It finally turned out to be a project developed by Filip Victor, the author of the community patch for Half-Life 2, “Half-Life 2: Update”. This was a modification that implemented some aspects of the game, and for many, this title “Remastered” may go the same way.

Of course, the community would be happy if Valve would release a remastered version with better textures for the original game and update it to more modern graphical environments. But this idea is still on hold and we’ll have to wait and see what Filip Victor’s project brings us this time.

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