Google’s Launchpad Studio chooses its first startups, focused on health

The six-month program from Google focuses on the application of machine learning technology. Until now, Google had collaborated through its Launchpad initiative in the formation and promotion of projects of very different types. Also, it comes with programs and campuses in several cities around the world. Last year, the giant created a base for its efforts in accelerating startups with the creation of a specialized center in such type of companies in San Francisco.

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Google’s Launchpad Studio chooses its first startups, focused on health

Now, the corporation gives a new specimen of its interest in the subject with the beginning of the first program of the Launchpad Studio. This version of the company’s acceleration program has focused on artificial intelligence. Also, more specifically, in one of the technologies within the AI, machine learning.

Launchpad Studio Machine Learning for Health

In its first edition, the Launchpad Studio will host four specialized startups in the field of health. These are Augmedix, BrainQ, Bytefiles, and CytoVale. The chosen ones will enjoy six months of the mentoring program, with the support of experts and work groups of several of the giant’s units, such as Google Cloud, X or Verily.

Launchpad Studio

The first, Augmedix, applies automatic learning techniques to improve the productivity of medical professionals and reduce burnout. BrainQ proposes a device that uses AI to enhance the recovery of movement in patients with paralyzed limbs. Byte files are committed to a modular platform that helps accelerate clinical trials and process information. Cytovale, on the other hand, applies machine learning and computer vision to facilitate the process of early detection of sepsis.

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Although for the moment the Launchpad Studio is focused on health startups and biotech, they hope to announce the expansion of the program very soon to other verticals of the industry. Also, that will come in such a way that any startups will apply in their respective machine learning or artificial intelligence.


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