Google tests new interface for its image search engine on the desktop similar to Pinterest

Google is very keen to experiment with visual improvements in each and every one of its services, although some receive more attention than others over time. Now we know that Google wants to improve the user experience in its desktop image search service once it launched a new interface to the mobile application of this service earlier this year.

Google tests new interface for its image search engine on the desktop similar to Pinterest

A new user interface for search results is being tested in this regard, which is quite similar to the one on the visual results page in Pinterest, offering the largest images, with short subtitles, and even vertically aligned instead of being horizontally aligned, also allowing you to get more information about each image dynamically when you click on it.

Most curiously, it’s not the first time you’ve sought inspiration from the user experience that Pinterest offers. In this regard, he also added the dynamic information feature to his mobile application, and even added the automatic learning feature in the mobile search application for Android, to identify items in the images and provide related items over the past year, a feature that is also beginning to reach the desktop under the new interface.

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The tests that are being carried out have been confirmed by a spokesperson of the same to the publication TechCrunch but without providing any additional information to what the publication may have known. An interesting detail of the new interface is that it sometimes offers a badge or symbol indicating what it is about in the same image, a fact that may be of interest to the users themselves.

TechCrunch points out that the new interface will increase desktop participation, and therefore sales, by trying to prevent users from first searching Google’s image search engine and then going to e-commerce portals to establish their purchases, especially if they are more expensive items.