Google releases Titan security key for iOS that can be used to sign in to Google Accounts

Last year, Google partnered with Yubico, an authentication device company, to produce the USB-C Titan Security Key, a hardware device with a USB-C interface similar to a USB flash drive. Users must plug the device into their computer’s USB-C port before logging in to their Google Account to further enhance security. Back then, however, the USB-C Titanium Security Key did not support mobile iOS devices and was only works with Android, Chrome OS, macOS, and Windows devices.

Google releases Titan security key for iOS that can be used to sign in to Google Accounts

On June 3 this year, Google added a hardware security key for iOS devices iOS 13.3 and later: the Titan Security Key, along with updates to its iOS applications and online services to increase support for security keys that support W3C WebAuthn, the most advanced security standard for passwordless authentication available today.

The hardware security key is the device that generates the unique encryption key that is used as a second authentication during the authentication process after the user successfully enters their username and password. The security key can be connected via Bluetooth, USB, or a flash connected to the device where the login takes place.

iOS devices supported security keys from the beginning, and users could pair security keys with their iPhones to protect accounts with passwords and encrypted signatures generated on the security keys.

However, using a hardware security key to access a Google Account or Google application on iOS is not easy, and support is scarce, as are older security keys.

After Google updates its support for hardware security keys on iOS, owners of iOS devices running iOS 13.3 or later will be able to configure additional types of dual authentication (2FA / 2SV) security keys for their Google Account.

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Once configured, they can use the Safari browser to authenticate and sign in to Google’s iOS app and Google-owned websites using an advanced security key. This includes.

1. USB-A and Bluetooth Titan security key with integrated NFC functionality. This allows iOS users to tap the Titan button on the back of their iPhone when they see a command prompt when they sign in to Google’s website or Google iOS app.

If you have an Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, you can use a flash security key like YubiKey 5Ci or any USB security key.

Every iOS device has a USB C security key for a USB C port, such as iPad Pro.

4. iPhone itself benefits from its built-in T1 chip. (Google recommends installing the Smart Lock app to use the phone’s built-in security key or any other Bluetooth security key)

Security key provider Yubico welcomed the update from Google in a blog post today. The company stressed the importance of this update for iOS users, who can now better protect their accounts from hackers who break the passwords of Google accounts.

This step is particularly important for Google’s corporate users, the G Suite user base. Corporate users are typically iOS users, and the ability to protect high-quality Google Accounts on iOS devices with security keys will increase security for many businesses.

The move is also critical for consumers who can protect their personal Gmail, photo, cloud-based hard drive or YouTube accounts with the latest generation of security keys.