Apple iPad Pro, More details of the new tablet

New entry from Apple iPad Pro continuously getting attention of technologists from all over the world. Tracking down the leaks and information we have new information on iPad Pro.

Apple iPad Pro, More details of the new tablet

Apart from the usual software developments expected at the WWDC conference Apple will be holding in a short time (specifically from June 5 to 9, 2017). Many new hardware devices are expected to be announced at the time. Such as the new iPad Pro , a tablet that will compete with Microsoft ‘s new Surface Pro .

iPad Pro Specifications

As we have already commented on some time on that. So this new tablet from Apple expects to arrive with a screen of 10.5 inches. So it will be possible to give both personal and professional use. In addition, the front frames of this new iPad Pro will have a very small, standing close to 19 millimeters. This will make its appearance and look more striking because the metal body is abandoned.

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By the way, the dimensions of this new device are believed to be 257 x 179 x 6.4 millimeters. So the design of the new iPad Pro will be one of its attractions. By the way, everything points that this tablet will not lose the Home button that is the main characteristic of the company. So there will be no changes in the usability of the device nor break with the usual trend of Apple products.

Apple iPad Pro, More details of the new tabletApple iPad Pro, More details of the new tabletApple iPad Pro, More details of the new tablet


Apple iPad Pro, More details of the new tabletShai Mizrachi @ShaiMizrachi

This might be the next 10.5 iPad case, Shows biger size than 9.7 iPad pro. Chineese case factory already started to make it.

More things of the new iPad Pro

Some of them have to do with the multimedia options of the product. For example, it is indicated that the new iPad Pro integrate four speakers (two at the top and another at the bottom). Which would allow the sound with more higher quality and, in addition, localized. In addition, two microphones would also integrated. So in this way it takes an important step in the experience of use with Siri. Since it would detect the voice much better. And, all this, coupled with the usual jump in hardware components, where it sure uses a better processor in the tablet.

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Apple iPad Pro, More details of the new tablet

Finally, and this is what will make it compete directly with the new Surface Pro from Microsoft. The new iPad Pro includes the company’s stylus. But with advances in its use and levels of pressure to recognize. If this is added that it is expected that accessories like the keyboard have a new design that improves ergonomics, there is no doubt that this tablet aims very good ways. We will leave the next Apple WWDC conference (reservations are expected to be activated by the end of June).

Apple iPad Pro, More details of the new tablet