Google invests in KaiOS. Nokia mobile phones will gain many features

Google has invested $22 million in KaiOS. It is an operating system controlled by Nokia mobile phones. It was created on the basis of Firefox OS, which failed to reach the market. Thanks to the investment, KaiOS will gain many new functions, including access to such applications as YouTube and Google Maps.

Google invests in KaiOS. Nokia mobile phones will gain many features

KaiOS is a system based on Firefox OS. As we well know, the latter has failed in the market and has been lost, but it has managed to create software that has been on selected mobile phones since last year. Google has announced an investment in this system.

Google will invest $22 million in Cairo. This will give the system many new functions for mobile phones. The giant from Mountain View wants to transfer Google Maps, YouTube, his own search engine, or even an assistant to the software.

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Techcrunch reports that more than 40 million smartphones from Cairo have been delivered to the market so far. It’s really a lot and it’s no surprise that Google has started to take an interest in this system. The new Nokia 8110 4G and selected TLC and Micromax mobile phones are all under its control. The new Nokia 8110 is now on offer in the Electro store. Over time, it is estimated that the KaiOS user base could grow to as much as one billion.