Google appoints Intel and Qualcomm engineers to design their own chipsets

In addition to designing its own hardware devices, Google has stepped up processor development to reduce dependency on key vendors of this component. A Reuters report has described in detail how Google is aggressively recruiting executives for its chip design team in India.

Google appoints Intel and Qualcomm engineers to design their own chipsets

In particular, the city of Bengaluru will host Google’s main chip factory. The report shows that the company’s team dedicated to developing this hardware is called gChips, and Google has hired at least 20 Indian employees in recent months.

Apparently, Google acquired the services of several engineers from Intel, Qualcomm, Nvidia and Broadcom who held senior positions within the factory. In addition, the company hired four junior staff to strengthen its chip design team. The goal is to reach 80 employees by the end of this year. Reuters says the gChips team is likely to be responsible for testing the chips before delivering the first samples to manufacturers.

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In recent years, Google has hired several professionals who used to be part of the Apple team. One of the most significant assignments took place in 2017, when Google tried to expand its mobile chip development team for Google Pixel. The technology giant has also worked with other hardware companies such as Intel on Pixel Visual Core technology, which integrates Pixel 2 and Pixel 3.

In addition, Google is investing resources in the development of chips for its cloud storage technology, with the goal of renting its computer capacity based on automatic learning.

While Google is focusing on hiring employees in India to design its new chips, Microsoft and Facebook are focusing the strength of their employees in the US. In the case of Amazon, the overseas presence is in Tel Aviv, Israel.