Gigabyte models GV-N1630OC-4GB, GV-N1630OC-4GL and GV-N1630D6-4GL ready to conquer the market

We have more information about the GTX 1630, this low-end model, which would be a trimmed version of the well-known GTX 1650. Gigabyte would be working on three models of this GPU, which would be launched sooner rather than later.

GTX 1630: Three new variants from Gigabyte are discovered

Nvidia is planning to launch a low-end model based on the GTX 16 series. In this case, the GTX 1630 is based on the TU117-150 GPU, which belongs to the Pascal architecture. We are talking about technology from 2016, but it is still very competent today, especially if it is for general use.

The three models of Gigabyte have been discovered at the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC):

  • GV-N1630OC-4GB
  • GV-N1630OC-4GL
  • GV-N1630D6-4GL

Being a low-end graphics card, the GTX 1630 is going to have a lower TDP of 75W, so it won’t require any 8-pin power connectors. This model would have been designed to ‘retire’ the old beloved GTX 1050 Ti, though it wouldn’t be any faster.

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All three models listed have about 4GB of GDDR6 memory with a 64-bit bus. This will greatly limit bandwidth to only 96GB/s.

At the moment, the release date of the GTX 1630 is unknown. It was scheduled for release on May 31, and then on June 15, but it was delayed again. Right now, nobody knows the new release date, which shouldn’t take much longer to be known.