Fortnite addiction caused 200 Divorces since January 2018 in the UK

More than 200 of the 4665 divorces filed in the UK this year include an addiction of Fortnite game, this is what the UK divorce online UK blog report says. The information comes directly from a study on divorces in the UK, which speaks in its report about the impact of “digital addictions” on marriages.

Fortnite addiction caused 200 Divorces since January 2018 in the UK

And in the study, they have reported that about 200 cases have been reported with the specific reason mentioned as Fortnite game addiction since 1st January 2018. These numbers are of big concerns, that may lead to more catastrophic in the future where the smartphones and other gaming media gets more powerful at a lower price. Which eventually let more people involved in digital addictions like this.

In addition, there are other causes from various games, and in the study, they believe that there will soon be the same number of causes as drug or alcohol addiction. In addition to games, there are other digital addictions such as social networking and pornography.

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Apparently, these digital addictions are included in the motives of more than 5% of the country’s divorces. Undoubtedly, these addictions are increasingly leading us to interact less with real life and with more people, we may never know personally. So, the question is, to what extent can we allow this?